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Getting Involved

Please reach out to your representatives and other entities listed to help keep her safe with the love and care she has been accustomed to for over 50 years. Click below for a template email you can use! Just type in your’s that easy!

Not sure you’re 100% onboard? That’s ok too!  We still encourage you to write to your elected officials and ask them to make sure NOAA does what’s best for Toki! Click below for that email template.  

Local Government Representatives

Miami-Dade Mayor: Daniela Levine Cava 


(305) 375-5071


City of Miami Mayor: Francis Suarez 


(305) 250-5300


Village of Key Biscayne Mayor: Joe I. Rasco

(305) 496-9357


Village of Key Biscayne Vice Mayor: Franklin H. Caplan

(305) 778 -317


FL District 27 Congresswoman: Maria Salazar 


(305) 668-2285


FL Governor: Ron DeSantis 


(850) 717-9337

Federal Agencies


(844) 820-2234




Southeast office: (727) 824-5301

Why Not Dream Big?

US Vice President Kamala Harris 


(202) 456-1111


US President Joe Biden


(202) 456-1111


SeaWorld/Busch Corporation 

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