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"Stable" is not enough for Toki

Friends of Toki and the Dolphin Company have come out with another “health and welfare assessment” on Toki. For the months of January, February, March and April 2023, the reports have claimed that her condition remained "stable."

“Toki's condition has remained relatively stable. Her energy, appetite, and engagement in daily activities were steady. The lesions on her lungs also remain unchanged. She continues to receive daily Faropenem and therapeutic doses of antifungal medications with no immediate plan to make changes to her treatment plan”

As animal care professionals, we know that “stable” is a nice way to say “not better.” Toki is not getting better. For over 4 months, she has been on the same medications and has been unable be taken off of them without showing signs of regression. And these aren’t simple medications. These are strong antibiotic and anti fungal medications keeping active infections at bay.

If Toki is continuing to require daily treatment then she is not “healthy”. Her current and foreseeable condition is not fit for a cross country trek into a sea pen where she will likely be exposed to more pathogens and other adverse conditions.

If this relocation plan really is all about Toki, then let’s make it about Toki. Enough with the press statements and rose colored health assessments. It’s time The Dolphin Company and FOT provide full transparency to all of us. Let independent veterinary experts come in for a second opinion, to perform formal hearing screens, to assess the quality of her environment. If The Dolphin Company truly want what’s best for Toki, then it’s time to do what’s best for Toki.

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