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Toki's Trainers: We Had No Control over Pool Size

As animal care professionals, we do what we do because we love the animals, and we are constantly pushing for improvements in welfare for the animals in our care. We have always known that Toki’s pool wasn’t appropriate for her, but as employees, there wasn’t much we could do to change that, but we could give her the best quality of care and undying love. When all attempts to build her a new habitat never materialized, we did the best for her in her situation.

In recent years, that has no longer been the case and Toki's current situation is dire. Toki needs our help NOW! We know that everybody loves Toki and wants what’s best for her, so please listen to those who KNOW HER!

We would love to see a new facility built for her in close proximity to lessen the stress from transport, but we know that could take years. The stadium’s condition may mean that Toki doesn't have years to wait for a new facility.

The quickest option would be for SeaWorld, who has the already existing infrastructure and expertise to care for her and their Orlando location would minimize transport stress.

In the meantime, The Dolphin Company has failed to start repairs to her current environment. Why haven’t they done this yet?

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